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 1.Touch Screen Design

The machine welding process adopts intelligent parameter settings.High control accuracy.Easy to operate.
Touch screen input, convenient and quick;The input process is highlighted by a bright, color-coded,
backlit LCD screen, clearly visible at a glance.


This machine adopts high-performance microprocessor to control the whole process of welding accurately.
The intelligent parameter setting and fast touch-screen input ensure the welding seam is smooth,
firm and beautiful, and achieves the best welding function.


2.World's Leading Technology

A)The machine combined  digital intelligent control technology and inverter technology  together.

From AC 3phase 380V power supply, after rectifying filtering, the supply of 100 kHz high-frequency inverter
into high-frequency current, high-frequency transformer step-down rectifier, become the excellent performance
of welding power.


B)Adopts photoelectric isolating circuit. Anti-interference performance is good, the welding strength is
high, the arc is stable, the molten pool is easy to control.

The influence of hot area is small, the base metal is not easily oxidized and deformed, so that the welding
material and base metal are truly integrated.

No traces on the back of the workpiece or only a small trace of welding.

Welding smoothly and beautiful


C)The machine is controlled by high performance microprocessor.There will be very low spatter
when welding.It can weld different materials, various specifications of the welding nails;The machine
has good compatibility, strong adaptability to welding nails. Greatly reducing the welding costs. Short
welding time.Welding in an instant  to complete, greatly improving the welding efficiency.


3.Light Weight

The machine is reliable, light weight, only one-fifth of the general welding machine weight.

Compact design,small size, beautiful and unique modelling ,light weight and portable. The machine
is equipped with manual welding torch for professional design. It is accurate, durable and has excellent
repeatability. It has a high temperature resistant cover in the tip of the gun, which greatly reduces the
radiation of arc, energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. The standard configuration
of the gun cable is up to 5 meters. Therefore, it has good dynamic characteristics, can adapt to a
variety of locations in the continuous welding, to achieve good welding effect.



7-inch color touch screen


high performance microprocessor control


highlight the backlit color LCD screen

Welding stud diameter range


Input voltage

AC 3 phase 380V ± 15%

Input frequency


Rated input capacity


Rated duty cycle


No-load loss




Power factor


Insulation class


Protection class


Cooling system

continuous fan

Welding time range

1-1999 milliseconds

Net weight


Dimensions (mm)


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